Using ActiveX BrokerClient object to get QueueLength

I am trying to use the BrokerClient object (activeX a.p.i.) to get the lenght of a broker queue. The connection is being established correctly but I always get a queuelength of 0 (zero) returned.

We get the same results using the Java a.p.i.

Has anyone else tried this with success that could provide a sample?

thanks, Scott

Pls try with BrokerAdminClient api class,using(getClientStatsById()).It will show up the Broker statistics along with existing queue length.

It should work.


is that class/method available in ActiveX?
it doesn’t appear to be listed in documentation or VB object browser
(I prefer to use VB here, tried the other in Java just to see if behavior was consistent)

thanks, Scott

The “Administration API Reference for Java” reference guide is where we you can find about this method