Users on 2 WM App servers

My config is 2 webMethods App server + 1 WM proxy server

All users are defined on the app servers side (with reverse invoke setting)

Is there a way to replicate from 1 app server to the other one all users (in the users.cnf file)

Every time i define a user on one machine, I have to define-it again on the other one!!!


You can shutdown the other Server, copy the user.cnf file over, and restart it.

  1. You could configure the Integration Servers get the users from a common LDAP store.

  2. You could write a service that synchronizes users between two Integration Servers.

a. Define the remote server.
b. Call wm.server.access:userList on the remote server via pub.remote:invoke
c. Call the local wm.server.access:userList
d. Find the users that aren’t in the remote list.
e. Call pub.remote:invoke on wm.server.access:addUsers to add the users to the remote server.

Thanks, that was the solution I was looking for (Without rebooting the server) butwith that solution, is there a way to copy the password (wm.server.access:userList return “*” as password).

Also, is there a way to know param of the service AddUser?

Thanks again!

// [i] field:0:required users
// [i] field:0:optional pass
// [o] field:0:required message

users is in the format:

[ name;pass\n ]*

where name and pass are ASCII strings.

I think the following are legal inputs:

  1. users = “me”
    pass = “mypass”

  2. users = “user1;pass1\nuser2=pass2\n”

Bummer, userList returns asterisks for the password and I don’t see any service that allows for getting an unencrypted password.

Is using a common LDAP store an option?
Is there anyone from webMethods PS at your location?

Unfortunatly, beside WM Help desk, we don’t have any contact with them.

As for the ldap, we will think about-it, but we will move in prod pretty soon so we need something fast and easy.

This set-up (1 Web + 2 app) was a best practice set-up from WM so I wonder how they (WM) handle that problem (beside having a ldap server)

Thanks again fred!