User Task Scheduling in SAP BC


My requirement is - I need to run a service every monday morning 07.00 GMT.
Following are the settings which I think would suffice for ‘Scheduler in Server Admin screen’: Pls correct me if i’m wrong …

In Complex Repeating section :

Start Date would be coming monday (27/12/2004) and start time would be 07:00:00 , as i 'd like to run this task for ever, i don’t mention end date and end time.

I don’t select ‘Months’, ‘Days’.
But i’ll select ‘Weekly Days’ as ‘Monday’ and Hours as ‘7’ and Minutes as ‘0’.

Pls let me know ur comments…
Thanks a ton
Sreedhar K


The schedules are set according to local time, not GMT (unless, of course, your local time is local time. Otherwise, the schedule sounds fine.