User Task is not repeated correctly in a looped subprocess

Hi there,

Today I have tried to run the “Creating a Process with Subprocesses Tutorial” on my webMethods BPMS free trial installation:

I have created and run the attached process. It is working fine for the first iteration, and it finishes correctly when I specify “false” for redo in the ReviewWork task. But when I specify “true” it starts the next iteration, but it does not seem to start a new task instance for the SomeWork task, cf. screenshot Tasks.png. In the process instance, it looks like the task is started correctly, cf. screenshot Step_Summary.png. But the Task ID is identical to the first instance created in the first iteration of the subprocess loop (8029 in this case). So it seems that the Process Engine is trying to start the same (completed) task instance again.

And by the way: When I switch the implementation type for the subprocess from BPMN Subprocess to webMethods Subprocess, everything is working fine as expected: The Process Engine is starting a new SomeWork task instance for every iteration of the subprocess loop.

What am I doing wrong? Or does this happen to be a defect in the implementation for the BPMN Subprocess type?

Thanks for your help,
Thomas (3.11 KB)

Hi Thomas,

Can you check the audit trail of the task (taskAudit). Once a task is completed it will not start with the same ID again.