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we have integrated the azure b2c SSO to our Cumulocity tenants, just wanted to know if we have any option to give a user an alert before we auto logout then from the active session.
We auto logout the user in 24 hr, as many of our user keep the session active to monitor the system through the dashboard, they like to have an alert. I’m pasting an example from the workday for reference.

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Is your question related to the free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?

customer production

Have you installed all the latest fixes for the products and systems you are using?

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hey guys, looking for any help here.

This is something we would like to implement on our Customer’s Production Web Application, we would appreciate some feedback as well.

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In general the token in Cumulocity expires after 14 days. You can get that information from the browser cookies:

When using SSO this Expiration Time should be adopted, if not please give us a hint so we can have a deeper look.

So you could implement a modal window that pop-up when the expiration time is below a defined threshold. Ideally this is developed as a UI plugin and added to the applications where you want to have that “Alert popup”.

What we don’t have out of the box is the “Reset” functionality. You actually need to re-login after expiration to get a new token with new expiration time. so you can add a button that logs off the user and redirects him to the login page as a workaround.

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When using SSO this Expiration Time should be adopted

Are you suggesting, 14 days should be adopted by default when using SSO; because that’s not what we are seeing in our Production instance. Users with SSO are signing out after 10 minutes. Is this something we can debug somehow?

No, what I wanted to say is that when SSO is configured in Cumulocity, it uses the timeouts of the configured SSO system. So when your users are logged out after 10 minutes I guess this is something configured in your SSO system and Cumulocity just uses this timeouts to logout users.

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