User Invalid Credentials

I have a .dsp application and have a requirement to ‘lockout’ user accounts after a 3 password fails.

I cannot find any settings to control this, so at the moment have a service to scan the server.log looking for:

0006BD [B2BSERV.0053.0002] Access denied for user graham on port 5555 - > ‘’ from

then can record a failure against the user graham (in an external file) and even if they do get a good password, they are not allowed access (controlled from within my application).

This is not a very elegant solution, AND when I came to deployment am using reverse invoke. The RI setup is working fine, but when I test the same scenario of an invalid password thru the RI server I record:

000E29 [B2BSERV.0079.0110] AccessException in DefaultSocketRequestHandler: [B2BSERV.0084.9001] Invalid credentials

ie I cannot attribute this login attempt to a user account

I have the server logging (on the internal server) set to 5

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can move this forward? I am just as willing to listen to alternate solutions as changing the scan server.log mechansim

sorry should have said am using IS4.6