User interaction in Run time

Hi All,

Is it Possible to interact with the User in Run time?

To Explain, once the flow service started to execute, after some part of code…same flow service has to ask for input to proceed further. is it possible?


Hi Praveen,

this is not possible with pure flow services.

You will need a ProcessModel containing a TaskStep, which will create a TaskInstance being executed on MWS(TaskEngine). User can enter his data there and submit these to TaskEngine/ProcessEngine.

If the TaskStep completes the process will continue.


What’s your use case?

There are different ways to skin this cat. Holger mentioned one way: using tasks. Another way, for example, is if the service is being kicked off by some user action on a webpage, you could have the service return HTML back to the user, which allows the user to supply more information back to the service (or to a different service.) Of course, the submission would start a new execution so it’s not the same as saying that the service asked for input then continued. However, the end result is perhaps the same depending on what you’re trying to do.



My case is…files available in directory have to be listed(Using ftp.cdls, directory will be updated on daily basis). Then User has to select one from list. That selected file will be the input for further process.

In that case, you can do something like what I described:

  1. Create a service that retrieves the list of files
  2. Create a service that takes a file name as input and kicks off the process
  3. Create an application (e.g. web page) that:
    a. Calls the first service upon rendering
    b. Displays the list of files
    c. Allows the user to select a file
    d. Calls the second service upon submission


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