User Authorization Based on External Data Source LDAP (Active Directory)

I was assigned to revive an old installation of Alfabet software and as stage 1 of a full implementation of the system. First the environment: I have Alfabet 9.10 on windows server 2012 R2 using SQL 2012 (12.0.6205)
Stage 1 is to integrate the software with MS-AD LDAP running on an oracle server. I was able to make the connection and test it via the Alfabet administrator. Now we need to make the user authentication: how?
I tried to administration manual (pages 252+) but nothing works. Now what do I need? I need a working sample of a working LDAP integration with valid info and mapping of the Alfabet fields to enable the web login to look for data in the external source. The following message appears when ever I try to login: “external source access: no attributes defined to be used for login.” if these details are not enough to go on please ask you questions (in English) and I will provide screen shots of all that I have tried.

Thank you in advance for your help and feed back