Use pubclienthttp to send args to a servlet

I am using the pub.client:http to post some data to a servlet. But the URL on WebMethods is not getting encoded. I tried the following:

  1. Set the URL on pub.clinet:http to http://IP_Address/OrderInfo. Where OrderInfo is the servlet.
  2. Set method to POST.
  3. Set loadAs to Bytes
  4. Under data/args I set the one argument name as OrderID
  5. I used the “Set Value…” to set it to 1111.
  6. When I run the service, the servlet does get invoked but I do see the URL encoded in the encodedURL in the pipeline out on WebMethods. encodedURL stays the same as above : http://IP_Address/OrderInfo.
    Hope some one can guide me as to how I can correctly use this service.
    Thank You

You said servlet is invoked,but is that receiving the data as expected?
And also specify the Content-Type=“text/xml” if you are posting an XML doc.

ISBuiltInServicesUserguide.pdf can give you more information about using this service via POST,GET methods.Please check it.


Thank you HTH, your tip about setting Content-Type worked. Previously under data/encoding I was using “set value…” to set the value to just text/html. But this time, based on what you had posted I set the value to CONTENT-TYPE=text/html. Now the servlet receives the values.
Thank You