Use of xsall in xsd schema

We have an xsd schema which uses xs:all. When we import it as a new document type it fails with the following error: errorMessage: [ISC.0082.9015] Ambiguous content model in schema - not LL(1)
If we change the xs:all to xs:sequence it imports successfully. A previous thread sugested that this was a valid work around (, is this true? If our sending application uses xs:all in their schema, the message our instance of webMethods receives might not validate if ours uses sequence? Or am I mistaken in this? Also in that thread, Fred Hartman says that an IS fix for this based around the fix will eventually be released. Does anybody know if this has happened?

Hi Jonathan,

Did you learn anything more on this? I have a similar situation.


No worries … I changed my xs:all to xs:sequence … and it worked!

I do not think the issue with xs:all element has been taken care of in wM IS6.5. I’ve got error "Ambiguous content model in schema " when I try to create a document from a schema definition with this element.

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Customer Description
Per a knowledgebase article on Advantage, the xs:all schema element was not supported in IS 6.1 as of November 2004.

Would like to know if this element is supported by the XML parser, either in integration Server 6.1 (with a patch) or in IS 6.5.

webMethods Closure Summary
The Xs:all tag is supported at some levels in the webmethods schema definition. It is not fully supported. xs:sequence can be used as a workaround.