use of provider filter in trigger

Without the provider filter, the pub-sub interface works correctly. However, if i try to use the provider filter, the subscribe service fails to invoke.

Publishable Doc looks like below -


In the trigger, I have tried using provider filter as follows -
TestDocRequest.Field2 LIKE ‘%FormType_ABC%’

Also, tried TestDocRequest.Field2 = ‘FormType_ABC’

But both the filters fail to work.

Is there something, I am missing out on?

Are you applying this filter to a UM or Broker?

If UM it should work, did you try syncing the document to UM and try disabling and enabling the trigger.

Applying the filter to webMethods Messaging Trigger and IS connected to UM.

Also, all the pub docs are synced with the UM.

Thanks for the help, Mahesh!

I went ahead synced all the docs again and then, disabled/enabled the triggers.

However, there was one additional detail which was missed out from my side. For the Publishable Doc, under the Property/webMethods Messaging/Encoding Type was set to IData, which needed to be changed to Protocol Buffers.

This helped resolve the issue and now the triggers are working as expected with provider filters.

Very glad to hear this issue is resolved now!!


Hi All,

This thread was really helpfull - in regards to provider filter context to the point I was only using one condition in my provider filter. But as soon I applied multiple condition under the provider filter it doesn’t works:

Eg: In the document in the top level itself the fields as present are CONVERSION_TYPE and TO_CURRENCY and I want to put filter as below - these doesn’t seems to be working.


Though below works for Provider filter:

I read earlier - Lexical operator should work for these case and tried below combination - but they doesn’t work either:

All said, below combo works for Local filter setup

Not sure where I am going wrong. Tried to read around documentation for a exact example to address the scenario however didn’t find any. Can any of you help.