Use of confirmTID, options for sending IDocs to SAP

Using webMethods 7.1.2 and SAP Adapter 7.1

  1. Reading posts about sending IDocs to SAP, there is discussion if should be used after createTID and sendIDoc
    The post seems to give good reasons to not use confirmTID, but the SAP_Adapter_Users_Guide.pdf from webMethods (page 188) says to use confirmTID. I think that I would rather use the RSARFCDL report to clean up the table instead of using confirmTID.

Any thoughts on what the best practice is here?

  1. I see 3 options to send IDocs to SAP using the 7.1 Adapter
  • Flow service that uses and sendIDoc
  • Flow service that uses
  • Flow service that uses finds a listener with Transport = ALE

It seems like reading the posts that OutboundProcess is used in the field; again, any thoughts on best practice in production environment would be very helpful.