Use of bConstantsb

I am new with WebMethods and need to remove hard-coded constants + group them centrally.
Is there any functionality available within Enterprise Integrator to store central constants (and map from there to variables in scripts of the integration components) in a way that you don’t need to restart (or only the adapters) if you change one of the constants?

Any help is greatly appreciated!!
If you suggest to do it all in pure Java, what is the truck to avoid to restart once you have changed a constant in the property file?

thx - wouter

A Common Operation may be appropriate here. A Common Operation is callable from any script. Use a property name as an input and get back a string for the output. Refer to the Visual Integrator guide for info on Common Operations.

One can define system properties to be passed tp the JVM of the adapter process when configuring it in the tool adapter_config (Java tab, JVM options) e.g. -Ddebug=true.
If you have a large number of parameters, then you might want to put these name value pairs in a “xxxproperties.ini” file and pass the path as a parameter. Opening the file and reading the parameters is the overhead you incur for each event processing .

note: You will need to provide permission to access the system properties.
In file, $ACTIVE_HOME\java\jre\lib\security\java.policy
the following is required,
permission java.util.PropertyPermission “*”, “read,write”;