Use case for BPM ?

It’s always said the use case for BPM is - The Business process which is spread along multiple business steps and with human interaction.

In technical term to be clear, I would like to hear from you all.

For our Project -
It’s a B2B/EAI project which involves flow of data forming a business process and though different layer of architecture.
We have one of the data flows where data enters into the system though FTP PROCESS .Then after data validation/modifcation/aggrigation/refining it reaches the end system and then response back to external system.

1) Can I use the BPM for my FTP PROCESS which is purely a technical process where ftp file is process though 4/5 layers.
Can BPM be used here to check if the file is processed properly or did it errored out, till what layer it reached, count of files ,successful and unsuccessful files etc.

Would like to here your thoughts

I think this look more a job for the Integration Server because it doesn’t involve human interaction. The only reason to do it in the BPM is that you want to get KPI of your process.
If you do it in the Integration server you gain performance and MWS Monitor would let you auditing those IS Flows.
Why would you like to do it in the BPM?

IMHO there is no reason why BPM could not be used. The benefit of the Software AG webMethods BPM tool is that the resultant business process is does not have to be human centric. The analysts have been differentiating between the two for a number of years now, and Software AG regarded highly in both.

I would continue working on your project as a BPM project. The major benefit in this would be getting all stakeholders involved and working on a solution to the problem.

I would echo with fpereira.

There is nothing we can additionally achieve by using BPM here, despite there will be performance benefits in using just using IS.

MWS can fulfil all audit requirements.

Many Thanks