Use as Local Version Control for Docker IS Servers


When I install the webMethods integration server in the local environment, I can use the version control system by seeing the “Use as Local Version Control Integration Server” option on the designer. but we want to develop the local working method on Docker.

What kind of structure should we create in order to use the same option on an Integration Server installed on Docker?

Can the same method be performed on an Integration Server in Docker, otherwise what kind of development method should we use?

Local OS : Windows 10 Professional
Docker OS: Red Hat Universal Base Image 8
webMethods : 10.15


Hi Mursel,

in this case I would prefer to develop locally and then deploy the result to the Docker instance.


Sure, but main problem is that there are too many components such as 3 different IS, Universal Messaging, MWS and local SQL-server must be installed and configured for each developer machine. I prepared all environments that already installed and configured for docker and prepared a docker-compose to install and use easily. but unfortunately, I couldn’t come up with a solution for this problem.

We are actively working on improving this in Service Designer v11.
Namely we will allow you to use a file based volume from your docker container and then you will be able to pick it as your preferred local repo from within the Designer settings.


Why not push configuration files to your branch and use only 1 IS for local VCS? Do you need to actively develop on all 3 servers at the same time? Also you don’t need a local UM nor a local DB server in my opinion.

Definataly we need to develop on these three servers actively at the same time and these three servers connected each other via UM. also in order to use MWS you have to use DB locally otherwise we cannot debug on local environments

Thanks John it is good news. but just asking curiosity when will be able to used :smile:

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