use ADASCR over HP-UX

Explanation of the ADASCR utility beyond what is read in the manual is not clear and how it applies to files and users. For example, the levels he says are from 1 to 14 or 15 but how they differ from each other. What is the difference if 3 or 9 is defined that affects?

thanks in advance.


To solve this question, ask for the ADASCR manual for Software AG.

Here in the forum will not be answered.

It’s explained fairly well here with examples:
but you need the manual to implement it.

Each secured file is assigned a number for read access and another number for update access. Passwords are created and then assigned numbers for read and update access. The numbers are security levels. If the password’s number is equal to or greater than (>=) the file’s number, access is granted. Users might need multiple passwords to get all the necessary file accesses.