Usage of Request Field Selection in SAP Adapter Notification


Why does the SAP Adapter Notification has a Request Field Selection tab, as the meaning of Notification is to retrieve data from SAP system to webMethods. Can someone explain the functionality and usage of this pl.?

Hi Abhy,

in the Request Field Selection tab you can select those fields which you really need and deselect those which are definitely not needed.
Thus avoiding large Structures with several thousands fields transferred from SAP to IS, from which you will only require some few.

You will have to check with your SAP Partner System if this can be an option for you.


Hi Holger,

Thanks for your reply. I understood that we have the option to select/deselect the fields of our choice. But why would we need them as part of our input Request to SAP for a Notification? We have the control of using selected fields as part of the Reply Field Selection anyhow, right? Having Request Field Selection as part of SAP Adapter Service makes sense to me but am confused in what context we use this in a Notification point of view. Can you pl. elaborate more on this?

Hi Abhy,

this depends on whether the notification is synchronous or asynchronous.

Asynchronous Notifications do not have a Reply Field Selection Tab as there is nothing to be transfered to SAP except a low level acknowledge as “Message succesfully received, transasction closed”.

A synchronous notification is able to send some qualified return data to the SAP system, that is the reason why there is a Reply Field selection where you can select the fields you want to return to the SAP system.

Request: Fields to be transferred from SAP to IS
Reply: Fields to be transferred from IS to SAP (only for synchronous Notifications)

Structure of the Connection-Listener-Listener Notification dependencies:

Observer for new messages from SAP to IS:
Listener (containing Program-ID to separate different sections of the applications from each other)

Message-Selectors for different RFC-functions and IDocs-types:
Listener Notification (one for each RFC- or IDoc-type to be received) receiving matching messages from the Listener.

Hope to help sorting this out.


Many thanks Holger for your detailed explanation. Now I understood the process. :slight_smile: