Usage of pub.flatFile.generate:saveXMLAsFFSchema service


Could any one of you please let me know how to use below pre defined service?


when I run this service with proper input I am getting below error message.

[ISC.0082.9034] Field is absent, field must exist : /FFSchema

Please post your suggestions.


The error is expected if the FF schema already exists in the namespace [The flat file schema you are creating must not already exist in the
Integration Server namespace. If the flat file schema already exists, the
pub.flatFile.generate:saveXMLAsFFSchema service throws an exception.]

If you want to programmatically create the FF schema get the FFXML from the service “pub.flatFile.generate:getFFSchemaAsXML” and pass the FFXML with other inputs to pub.flatFile.generate:saveXMLAsFFSchema this will create the FF shcema

Thanks for response, What ever the Schema name that I am passing it is not existing in entire IS.