Usage of PSUtilities

Hi All,

When I am using services of PSUtilities packages getting an error like:

[Could not run ‘listFiles’. Specified path is not on the read allowed list in the PSUtilities configuration file!]

Do I need set up any configuration file? Pls help!



Have a look at the file …/IntegrationServer/packages/PSUtilities/config/PSUtilities.cnf. This file contains a list of directories/commands that can be executed by services within the PSUtilities package. The restrictions are there to stop unauthorised commands from being executed on your server.

The PS Utilities documentation (downloadable from Advantage) contains instructions on editing this file.


James, good answer.

All, be VERY careful any time you allow reading files or (especially) executing commands. Setting the values in the configuration files incorrectly can leave the Integration Server vulnerable to attack.