Usage Metrics


I’ve got a requirement to build a tool that captures the Usage metrics for certain (or all) integrations running on an IntegrationServer.

My first thought is to identify how wM displays the info on the ‘Service Usage’ page. Does anyone knows the service that could be used to extract this info?

Any other thoughts are greatly welcome!


Any ideas, Please?

You can use following services from WmRoot packages to get the details you are intersted in, however you should understand that these are not public services.


I guess these are the services used on "Service Usages Page too.

Many Thanks


An easy way to find these is to open the Administrator console, select Package Management, select WmRoot, select Browse Services…

The list of displayed services are used both by the Admin console and behind the scenes.

Keepin mind these are undocumented, likely to change, and in many cases, the input/outputs are obscured to prevent easy “misuse”.