Usage and order of Integration server calling LDAP when Central users is configured

Hi All,

Recently we faced a situation where in our LDAP account locked and the logs showed that the bad password attempts were from Integration server. We have central user configured.

Now, for the account to be locked there have to be numerous wrong password attempts within a certain amount of time. We know exactly why the account locked (Common libraries out of sync). But what we dont know is what is the need of IS to go to LDAP so frequently.

We know one thing that while startup and after certain intervals (1 hour by default), IS loads all LDAP connections. We use system accounts and not LDAP accounts for other connectivity and the order is evaluation is system first.

Any ideas would be useful.

I will test if you have any theories, so theories also welcome.

Thanks and Regards,
Ninad Patil

This can also happen with virus infected/unsecure system in the network.

The LDAP software should have logs with information on which system, courtesy of IPs, caused the multiple attempts with wrong passwords.

Thanks for your post. As I have said, We know the reason for password lockout. It was because of IS and MWS CL being out of sync.

We just want to know for which functionalities, Integration server needs to connect to LDAP.

Thanks and Regards,
Ninad Patil

oops. lets wait for the gurus.