URL of Web Service

Hi Community,
i have a question (it may be a basic one),
firstly i create a flow service and i generate the WSDL as a provider of that service, secondly i publush the service to centrasite and then i virtualize it and deploy it to mediator, now im asking what’s the URL should i give to my partner??
When i test the WSLD URL(http://IP: Port/ws/ind.opmTopipeline.inbound._webServiceProducer:getMineStockDataWS?WSDL) exist in the designer properties of the web service descriptor using soapUI it works fine, so is it the URL should i give to my partner or it changes after deploying it to mediator, if yes where could i fond it???


Go to WmMediator home page from package management and click on services, there you will VSD/WSD for the services which are virtualized on Centrasite, try with them.

You are creating a centrasite URL just like how you create in URL aliases for the wsdl’s in administrator page.

So,both the virtual URL and wsdl URL in development works and as mentioned by Mahesh you can check the virtual URL in mediator service page and you have to share the same to end user.

Please note that whenever you change wsdl or xsd you have to update the same in the centrasite so that the virtual url is updated.


Also You can go to

IS >> Solutions >> Mediator >> Services.

It will have all the list of Registered WSDL on Mediator.
Click on any service it will give the URL.

Syed Faraz Ahmed