URGENTPolling Notifications


     Is there anyway to enable/disable multiple polling notifications in one go.Awaiting your inputs..... 

Hari Krishna

Yes. Look in the WmArt package. In there, you will find the necessary services to automate shutdown of adapter notifications.

This will be handy if the DB is down so you don’t fill the logs up with error messages.

You’ll use the service wm.art.admin:setNotificationStatus to set the status. The inputs are:

notificationNodeName - Set this to the fully qualified namespace name of your adapter notification.

action = disableNotification

You will need to call wm.art.admin:retrieveListenerNotifications to retrieve the type of listener notifications you wish to disable.

You’ll need to poke around the WmArt package and look around.

This is undocumented. Good luck, this will not be supported by webMethods.