Urgent: Memory issue of PSUtilities package


loadPSUtilitiesConfig is a startup service for whole PSUtilities Package and it reads PSUtilities.cnf file and keeps all property values in memory.
In my server, this service is getting called properly and keeping all properties in memory.

But for some reason checkPathValidity service is unable to fetch any value from property file. checkPathValidity service basically checks where path is specified in configuration file or not.

There is one static variable decalred in whole PSUtilities package which reads property files but for some unknown reason it is not reading in my IS 6.1.

If you have noticed this behaviour then please let me know how i can fix this.


I think there is some change U have made in the PS Utilities config file and which is not correct. The best way to find the reason is go and check the log files in the log folder after u initialize the IS. u will get the error recorded there