Urgent : Java Code : Convert string To object

Hello All,

Can anybody help me with the java code to convert string to object?
i have requirement to convert string to object and then insert into DB

so i am looking for java code in webMethods which usually convert input string to object?

Appreciate your quick response!

  • RJ

A String is an object. It’s class is java.lang.String.

Do you mean you need to save a string to a DB CLOB or BLOB? The JDBC adapter and proper JDBC driver will do the right thing for you (you’ll need the right versions of both).

Hi RGJ, like Rod toll you String is an object, like others data types. I try to understand you and I think you mean about string to bytes or some kind of data that have an asterisk icon. If I’m in right way you have differents stringTo…

stringToBytes (WmPublic package)
stringToStream (PSUtilities package)
stringToBigDecimal (I’ll can post this code)
stringToBoolean (I’ll can post this code)
stringToDouble (I’ll can post this code)
stringToInteger (I’ll can post this code)
stringToLong (I’ll can post this code)

Check what you need and let me know.