Urgent help on SSL implementation in 8.x

Hi Folks,

I have a question regarding the implementation of SSL on wm8.
In previous versions i was using pub.security:setKeyAndChain service to associate the key and certificates of the partner to be connected, but now this service is repalced by pub.security.keystore:setKeyAndChain… hence i created a keystore using “portecle” imported certificates there, copied this keystore file in config/security/keystore directory.

When i m passing the keystore alias and keyAlias in input of service it’s failing with error keystore alias not found. Please give me pointers how to resolve this issue.


I think you need to register the keystore on the admin UI:
Security>Keystore, create keystore alias, after it’s registered, you can use the alias

yep i did that and issue is resolved now … it was realted to keyalias password.



I have registered teh keystore in admin UI. It asked me for Keystore properties. I gave and submitted. But it didnt showed any options to enter the key alias password. Its just showing the keystore properties which i gave and ask showing the save button. when i save, it showing warning like “before using the keystore, you must create a password for at least one of its key aliases. Please edit the keystore alias configuration and add one or more valid key alias passwords”.

Can anyone suggest me how to give the key alias password?

I think you should un check HSM Based Keystore as false

I am having the same issue with my cert. There is no option to enter or select the key alias and password for it. Were you able to resolve this?

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