Urgent Help neededProblem while connecting to Oracle 9i usinf sequelink53 and Trading network 45

Hi All
I am trying to connect to Oracle 9i using sequelink5.3 for Trading netowrk 4.5.
I have craeted an user for Tn and installed Is serrver TN server and console properly.
I installed sequelink on databaser server, crated the tables which is required for TN.
I am facing one problem while starting the server. It throws an exception “There was a database error fetching the mdoel version information from yur database.”
TNS:protocol adapter error.

I checkd out for the databse reigtsry for Oracle_SID> it’s proper. Also I am able to coonect to the databse and view the tables created for TN.
i also tried restarting the sequelink service [server] manullay. Still facing the same problem…

could anybody pls guide me ???


You must set the “LOCAL” system environment variable to the database name. If it doesn’t exist create it.

Make sure the driver you are using is the right one for 9i database. I am not familiar with what you are doing but I have seen this error when I used the wrong version of a driver.

Did you start the Sequelink Server in the Database Server? .

We had Sequelink first but eventually Swicthed to Datadirect driver.
My Suggestion is for Datadirect driver.