Urgent Help Needed in DSP

Hi Experts,

I am new to DSP Page. Could you please tell me how to disply documentList in a dsp page? The below piece of code gives improper output for displaying documentList having two strings oid and sub?

%loop documentList%
%loop -struct%


Could you please tell me how to catch the value of radio button in a dsp page?

Please help…

%value oid% %value sub%

I’m not expert in DSP but try this first

%loop documentList -struct%
  1. You opened 2 loops, so you need 2 %endloop%
  2. Is there really antoher structur inside documentList? You loop -struct implies so
  3. I never used -struct but adresses the documents directly.
  4. It would really help if you posted the pipeline/document structure you try to display

Thanks both of you for your response.

Mine is a documentList having two string variables. I just want to populate the value of the string variables.

Also, please help to find the value of a radio button, in the DSP page.

I have removed the -struct but no luck.

“The below piece of code gives improper output…”

Can you elaborate on “improper output?”


/packages/WmRoot contains code for various DSP pages.You can take an example of an IS admin page(where doclist are handled) and refer to code behind it.
Follow the same scenario for radio button as well


You need to be more precise in your descriptions, a clear description of your document structure would make help much easier.
If the document list is your top level structure and it contains only two text elements, you need only one loop. Your first posting imples, the document list’s name is documentList. Check this too.

To loop over the document list and to populate the elements in the rows in table you can use the following code:

%loop [SIZE=2]documentList[/size]% %endloop%
%value [SIZE=2]oid[/size]% %value [SIZE=2]sub[/size]%

Also, to get the selected elements, you need to pass the radiobutton object(document.formName.radiobutton name) to a custom built jascript function where you can apply checked method(field.checked == true) to find out whether the radiobutton in any particular row is selected.