[Urgent] Help Needed in Certificates

Hello All,

We are getting the below error while trying to post the ediint message to the partner.

Task 53m50d0062outugs0001l4e9 failed with no more retries available. Reason for failure - Delivery service for 53m50d0062outugs0001l4e9 failed with a status of fail and status message of Failed Due to : iaik.security.ssl.SSLException: Server certificate rejected by ChainVerifier

I have verified the cerificate in both ends and it looks fine.

Could you please help me in understanding what shd be done to make a seamless communication with the supplier?


Hi Sasanka,

normally this means that there is an issue with the CA or root certs in the chain


Hi Sasanka,

This looks like SSL related error. Certificates that is involved here are the certs present in the server. Verify with your partner to see if they are using different certificate for SSL handshake or is it same and verify if you have that certificate and its root (and intermediate cert, if any) installed on the server.
If everything mentioned above is verified, you can enable ssl debug log and when you increase log level, it should print whole certificate information. That info would show if right certificates are used or not.

You can also use tools like openssl to check what certificate partner URL is actually having. Sometimes partners might not have provided right certs. You can catch such scenario here.


Hi Sasanka,
This error could be because of certificate mismatch or certificate got expired.