Urgent Help need for FlatFile Data inserting into Database

Hello All
Need some guideline for doing this…

i want to insert the data from flatfile called
“FLATFILE.CSV” @ c:\ into database “PROD”. and
file should be get created when i insert a record into
another database “orcl” EMP table of scott user.

How to perform this, and what i need to do.

i did inserting data from flatfile (CSV File) to

i appreciate all your views

Thanks and BR.
Rizwan Ahmed Siddiqui.

You will need to have an insert notification adapter, a publishable document, a trigger and a flow/java/whatever service setup for the “create file” step. setup the insert notification adapter for the initial table and have it pull whatever fields you need from each record. Those fields will be put into a document you make from scratch and set as publishable. The you can create a trigger to subscribe to the published document and act conditionally on the data fields to call a specific service. The service is where you will actually do all the work for making your file. Remember two things from all this:

  1. this does an individual pull of records, not a batch pull.
  2. in your service, the input what be of the type you published from you adapter and the actually name for that document “MUST” be the fully qualified pathname to the document like:


With that you should be good to go on your system setup. Help on all the other things to setup have been fully discussed in the forum and you can search for it. I know I searched myself. Good day.

Yemi Bedu