Urgent: EDIFACT UNE segment and Schedule delivery errors


We had a problem with submitting any UNEDIFACT Document to TN , TN adds additional UNE segment to envelope which fails at our partners,
To resolve this we have applied a fix: WmEDIforTN_6-1_Fix10 .

After applying this fix the UNE segment problem got resolved but when we submit the document to TN and sending it to the queue we are getting the following error:

Error: Scheduled delivery of document 0ah38c00102poj0q0000003o failed. No more retries. com.wm.app.b2b.server.ServiceException: [ISS.0086.9194] Not logged in!

Please let us know the reason for this error and is ther any fix for the above error.
This is an urgent issue for us.

Immediate response is appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,