Uploading pdf file to My webMethods Server 7.0

We tried uploading a pdf file to MwS 7.0 using following controls :

-1) File Input pallette which helps in Browsing a file and upload to server

-2) File Item data control is bound to above pallette so that upload file contents can be used further

  • 3)The string parameter in File Item Data Control shows the contents for .txt file but throws the following exception for .pdf file :
    SOAPException: [ISS.0088.9135] A WMDocument Exception was thrown in the server, usually because an XML block was not well-formed

Same is the case if we use Output Stream parameter in step 3

This functionality used to work in 6.5 though with differentt controls.

Also , can we get the details regarding how to display the file contents on the portlet through an embedded object (file could be .pdf)

I guess something might be breaking in how you get your file content from FileItem object. Because .pdf is a binary you need to get its byte content using byte get() method and then pass it in to IS service. You did not provide details on what does your service expect, I may guess that you are encoding your document byte content as well


The issue is solved. I was doing the same thing which you recommeded but there was environmental isuue. Changing the environment solved the issue.

One more Query:

How to display .pdf file content on portlet? Is it possible to use some embedded object so that pdf is displayed on the portlet, the way it is done for excel sheet on word file.

Our scenario is we upload pdf file using one portlet view. This view invokes web service to store file content in database. The requirement is to display this stored content on next portlet view


I have read your message that seems quite interesting to me.
Actually, I am trying to use the File Input component combined with a File Item Data to simply upload a