Uploading client.jar to Oracle

I try to connect to IS (4.6) from an Oracle database (8.1.7) acting as a client.
Therefore, I need to upload all neccessary classes to the database with the use of LOAD_JAVA command.

And there are some errors when uploading the client.jar to Oracle databases:

resolving: com/wm/app/repov3/fs/FSRepositoryEngine
errors : com/wm/app/repov3/fs/FSRepositoryEngine
ORA-29521: … com/wm/driver/data/fs/FSException …
ORA-29521: … nazwy com/wm/driver/data/fs/FSData …
ORA-29521: … nazwy com/wm/driver/data/fs/ITXNData …

It seems some classes are missing!?

Roman Zahorbe�ski