Upload file from a webpage

I was wondering if anyone has done this Integration scenario or maybe offer a better suggestion. We’re thinking about creating a GUI interface (html, dsp, xslt) that’ll allow a user to upload multiple flat files which will then execute a flow service on IS. It’ll be a synchronous transaction as once the flow service finishes, it should return a brief message stating if it was successful or not.

Search for MultipartContentHandler utility package in Advantage. This might help you to achieve your requirement.

These hints may help you.

  1. Decide an optimal no.of files to be uploaded at a time.
  2. Avoid direct exposure of the processing logic to the user (synchronous). Use asynchronous processing to balance the load (imagine if 15 users upload 5 files each at the same time and how much server resources it consumes). You can request email of the uploader through the same form and send a detailed report as an email after processing.
  3. Can use partner manager store to avoid any other file IO in the processing. This will allow you to resubmit the failed transactions also.