Upgrading in-flight processes

webMethods 10.7 BPM

While upgrading webMethods environment from 9.12 to 10.7, how should we upgrade the in-flight process instances which need to resume processing in 10.7 environment.

Based on the upgrade guide the following steps need to be taken.

  1. Import the process model in 10.7 designer, increase the version of the model by 1. Build and upload
  2. In MWS when enabling the new version for execution choose No in the dialog which asks about “upgrade running processes” (Page 80 Upgrading Software AG Products On Premises 10.7)

I am particularly concerned about point 2 as I thought it should be Yes and I have done that during past upgrades.
In what scenario do we actually choose Yes.

Since there can be only one model version enabled, how will the old instances continue processing when a newer model is enabled.


The in-flight instances will continue to run after upgrade to 10.7 without the need for a new version.

If you choose to deploy and enable a new version of the model, then there is an option to upgrade in-flight instances to the newly enabled version. If running instances are not upgraded, they will continue to run on the “older” model version. Any new instances created will be using the new model version.


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