Upgrading custom code


Can someone help me on creating Java services in Webmethods 6.1.

We have a lot of custom code in our Webmethods 4.6. When I use upgrade utility to upgrade webmethods its not upgrading those custom codes. Is there any easy way to convert these Java custom codes in 4.6 to Java services in 6.1(Like any cut and paste and little bit edit). Would highly appreciate your help.




Custom code - I take it you’re using Enterprise Integrator to develop integrations and have many custom steps within each integration?

If so, from what I’ve read and heard, the Upgrade utility is not highly recommended.

If you’re wanting to convert custom steps to flow steps, built -in service may already exist and there may be no need to write a java service.

A better approach would be maybe to refactor/redevelop integrations if you’re moving from Enterprise Server integrations (4.6 / 5) to IS services (6.x)




If you are upgrading from IS4.6 to Java IS 6.1, mostly you will not have to convert the Java custom codes.