upgrading 8.2 to 9.8 error when completing task


i m working in migration project for BPM platforme of webmethods , from 8.2 to 9.8 , and i have this error in IS log :

2018-08-01 17:35:05 GMT+01:00 [BPM.0102.0359E] 4d2effd0-959d-11e8-899b-d58de9a711c7:1, S81: exception executing step: null
2018-08-01 17:35:05 GMT+01:00 [ISS.0134.0042E] JMS Trigger wm.prt.status:RestartTrigger failed: com.wm.app.b2b.server.ServiceException: [PRT.0101.9125] Service wm.prt.status:handleControlEvent failed.

this error appears after completing the old task that we migrate from the 8.2 version, and the workflow don’t move from the step.
for the new one no problem appears.

FI : the migration complete successfully,

can any one help me please .

many thanks


Hope you have migrate old DB tables of process audit from 8.0 to 9.8 using DB Configurator.

Compare and check the version of those db tables between both version of wM.


Hi Arun,

tks for your response , i have resolve the problem by continue the upgrade from version 9.8 to 9.12. (Because our goal is to achieve the upgrade of version 8.2 to 9.12 step by step procedure) .