Upgrade Utility for B2B - 4.0.1 and Enterprise Server 4.6 to 6.1

We are planning for an upgrade shortly from B2B 4.0.1 and Enterprise Server 4.6 to webMethods 6.1 (SP1). I need to know about tools and technical/planning documents that could help assist the upgrade. Your help would be much appreciated.

  1. Is upgrade utility same for B2B and ES? Where can I download/get these utility?
  2. If different, please provide which one to use for each category.
  3. Will the utility automatically upgrade TN?
  4. What activites are automatically upgraded and other list of activity for manual tasks?
  5. Does the utility provide error/process logs during upgrade?

There is an entire section on Advantage describing upgrades:


There is a tool specific to upgrading Enterprise Server components to IS called the “Enterprise Upgrade Utility”. I would suggest reading up on this from Advantage and practicing with some simple integrations to see how it works and then decide if that is the path you want to take. A different option would be to re-write the flows in 6.x.

There is a document on advantage that describes the different ES components supported:


It would also be wise for you to search wmusers for “upgrade” . There has been a lot of discussion lately on upgrading and one of the more important topics involves which version to upgrade to (6.1 or 6.5):


That should answer some of your questions,