Upgrade to 4.2.1 cause count() failures [X-QUERY]

Hi I have a serious issue: I upgrade two different databases from 4.1 to 4.2.1 and since that I cannot get a count() without shutdown the database !! :shock: I’m talking about X-Query count() (i.e count(Branches) ) Such count() works well for the original databases whilst they are in 4.1 version My system has Win2K Pro + Tamino 4.2.1 Update 7 Yours Joe

Joe, is there any output in the job log of the database (see System Management hub or inosrv*.txt in the default location)? Independent of this, please raise this issue with your local support, supplying them a backup of the database and the query that causes the problem Regards Harald

Harald, I could not find valuable info in windows event-logger, tamino event files or something… but the steps to reproduce the problem are: Method A 1) create a 4.2.1 database 2) create a collecion an a schema 3) add some data 4) execute “count(schema_name)” where schema_name is the schema created in [2] Method B 1) upgrade some 4.1 database to 4.2.1 2) execute “count(schema_name)” againts some valid schema No matter quantity of data, my database crashes It does not occur if I do the same with XQuery or if I add some filter to the X-Query I have * Intel Pentium 4 2GB RAM * Win2K Pro (5.00.2195) ServicePack 4 * Tamino 4.2.1 Update 7 Anymode I sent this issue to the closer support Regards Joe

Joe, There is a hot fix for the problem you have encountered: Hotfix 709 resolves this problem. If you mention this to your local customer support they should be able to provide this hotfix quickly. Hope this helps.