Upgrade the Java services

I am having a situation where I have to upgrade java code from webMethods 4.5(EI) to webMethods 6.1. I have a service which will put the result into a document. I am attaching the script for that as an attachment here. Can you tell me how to make it run in 6.1. I am facing problem in rewriting it in the 6.1 as everything is IDataObjects.

Old Java File
fillKeyArray.txt (14.6 k)

I would suggest that you not use Java in this case.

  • Create a document type for your key array
  • Create a FLOW service that accepts the inputs and fills in the key array document

I may be missing something in terms of what you’re really trying to do but the old EI component isn’t doing much.

The logic is it is supposed to take the key values read them as they get populated write them as document list. The condition in this is they all will be filled in sequentially. so we will not have any null values between key1… key10. if there is a null values that terminates the key values at that point.
I will post the script once I complete it.
Thank you very much for the feed back Rob.