Upgrade from webMethods 8.2 to 9.6


We want to upgrade side by side 8.2 to 9.6 without adding any component.
In our 8.2 environment we have 3 IS, 2 brokers and 1 MWS.
So in our 9.6 environment we’ll have same components.

I’m wondering if it was necessary to upgrade processor Frequency, RAM amount …
In software Ag documentation, I’ve found some documentation on logical prerequisites(JVM / OS Version / …) but nothing on physical prerequisites.

Thanks for your help

Kindly refer the system requirements guide from SAG empower for hardware related components.

Thank you M@he$h for your response, but I disagree with you.
System requirement guide from SAG talks about logiciel minimum version and not hardware

You can look this file :

Do you bet :slight_smile:

Correct me if I am wrong!

System requirements guide provides processor details. Each processor will have its operating frequency and RAM requirements.

It also specifies the OS bit 32/64 bit.

If you are still looking for other information, contact SAG global support they will assist you.

Thanks for your help and I would be crazy to bet with you :wink:

Information that misses in this documentation is operating frequency and RAM requirements for each compatible processor.

I had seeen that x86-64 processor was compatible on red hat 6 and that was my choice.

I have found other information in this documentation that match with I was expecting :


Ya you are correct :slight_smile:

For RAM and Processor speed you may contact SAG support. Let me know if you get some information from them.

What is your current system setup? I mean RAM and processor speed.

Last time I open a ticket for information on hardware requirement, SAG support was not able to make an answer and ask us to contact SAG consulting.

Currect system setup :
RHEL AS 5,4 64bits

One vm:
8 Go RAM and 1 processor Intel® Xeon® CPU X5570 @ 2.93GHz 64 bits
1 IS, 1 Broker

Another vm :
12 Go RAM and 2 processor Intel® Xeon® CPU X5570 @ 2.93GHz 64 bits
2 IS, 1 Broker

Another vm :
8 Go RAM, and 1 processor Intel® Xeon® CPU X5570 @ 2.93GHz 64 bits

For each one : red hat 5.4 64b

Let me check on this and get back to you… Expect some delay in the response. Meanwhile if you find something interest please post back.