Updating Configuration which includes passwords


I m trying to update JDBC Pools password through CLI.

./cc get configuration data PTE_TST_INFRA_AQ_IS_MWS_01 integrationServer-aq_is_01 COMMON-JDBC-AQ_DB_Pool --format=json

Json output file has password which is encrupted.


How can i update the password property before i run my update config command.?
How can i generate password ?

Or is there any better to update JDBC pools password from CLI ?
Please suggest.

If you need to change the password you can modify it in the .json file in clear text and submit back to CC
CC understands the difference between clear text and encrypted password and will process the update properly
If this is one time operation that’s all you need.

If you want to include new password into a file, e.g. json file or composite template/properties, that is persisted say in version control and you want the password to be encrypted in that file, then you can re-request the updated configuration from CC and use the encrypted password value in the file you persist.

There is no standalone tool for password encryption, but the above procedure can be used to produce encrypted passwords.

IMPORTANT: passwords are encrypted using a shared secret that is customizable per CC installation and per environment hosting the target installation. In order to encrypt/decrypt passwords you MUST use the same shared secret. Please see CC documentation for more details.