Updating Adapter Connection Name for Adapter Notification

We have an JDBC adapter notification which uses ‘BasicNotification’ template. The adapter connection, that is used by the adapter notification, will be moved to different folder and hence it has to be has to be updated.

I tried using the built-in service to update the connection info.


But I get an error that the adapter notification is not found. I made sure I gave correct path with no typos (used copy and paste). Also I cannot update the connection info if I lock the adapter notification for edit.

Is there any way easy of changing the connection info without creating the adapter notification from scratch?

We are using JDBC Adapter 6.5 on a Integration Server 6.5.

Any info or hints will be greatly appreciated.


Hi Satish,

pub.art.service:setAdapterServiceNodeConnection is used for adapter services only.
Use the service:
pub.art.notification:setPollingNotificationNodeConnection and make sure that you disable the notification first, otherwise the service will throw an error.