Updating Adabas through X-Node

Suppose some nodes in a Tamino schema are mapped to Adabas fields, and these fields are updated through Tamino.

Subequently the Adabas fields are updated from another source (eg. a mainframe app).

When we do a query through Tamino, will the latest values of the Adabas fields be retrieved, or will Tamino have cached the values?

Puny Sen

Hi Puny Sen,

I believe that given the circumstances you describe Tamino would return the correct (current) data since it does not cache rabns from an external (a database mapped via the X-Node) database. The only rabns maintained in the Tamino buffer pool will be those from its internal datastore.

If this were not the case then the configuration you describe could give rise to very nasty data consistancy problems!

Kind regards,