Update Task

Hello, I need help in getting updateTask service to update by task data (business data).

I need to update data of some attributes. I have written a java service which extracts my ParentDoc from taskData document returned by getTask service.

when I pass same document to updateTask service, mapped in taskData input, the task’s document get cleared and does not return anything in getTask calls.

taskInfo, on the other hand, is updated correctly.
any idea to update the task data, (business data)
Thank you

I’m trying to do the opposite: update TaskInfo from within an IS service; it doesn’t update! Anyone who can answer the OP’s question, can you also tell me why this might happen? :slight_smile:

(Sorry for the slight hijack!)

have you created a document inside “TaskData” (which is a input of UpdateTask svc) with the same name as the business data document?

Directly updating the Task Info was not working for me as well. I created a temporary document same as the TaskInfo ;updated this temp doc and mapped this tempDoc to the Task Info.
Inorder to update the Task Data we have to create a Business Data Document Inside Task Data and update it.