how to update TaskData

I need update one value from TaskData preserving the remaining values

the pub.task.taskclient:searchTasks service get current TaskData

TaskData contains 3 Custom Objects

attrib1 = 111
attrib2= 222
attrib1 = 1324524511
attrib2= 2256222356
attrib1 = dfghdfgh
attrib2= 225dfgh6222356

I need update Obj1—attrib1, preserving the remaining objets and attributes

…for example change value to attrib1 = 6

The pub.task.taskclient:updateTask service works by changing the value, but does not preserve the rest.

Any idea?


Hi Guido,

I do not know if you figured this out already, but please find below what works for me.

I usually write a 3 line flow service:

  1. getTask - retrieves the task and maps it to a TaskData object I have created
  2. MAP step - here you map only the field that you want => the others will remain the same
  3. updateTask - persists the task with the value that you provided

Hope this helps,
Vlad Turian