Update c8y_Availability or c8y_Connection by Rest API

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Cumulocity 10.16

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How to update c8y_Availability & c8y_Connection by rest API ?

I have try to put the request with below API, but fail to update the manage object

PUT : {{baseUrl}}/inventory/managedObjects/:id
“c8y_Availability”: {
“lastMessage”: “2023-09-07T14:33:58.102+08:00”,
“status”: “AVAILABLE”
“c8y_Connection”: {
“status”: “CONNECTED”

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Question related to a free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?

You should not & cannot update them yourself because there is some logic implemented behind them which would be inconsistent when updated manually.


Is there any interface to update these properties ?
As the device/assert are integrated with 3rd party system, the measurements will be pushed to c8y from another system.
The manage object is not connected to C8y directly.

As Stefan said, not directly.
The c8y_Availability fragment for example would be updated whenever an event was written for the device.

Both fragments and what’s updating them are also explained in the Device Management Library in docs. See here for c8y_Availability and here for c8y_Connection.

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