Upcoming connector lists

What are the upcoming connector list for Oct’19 release for CloudStreams?

Also since now webMethods.io = wM IC + Built.io, will the Cloudstreams cloud connectors release for On-Premise webMethods will be in sync with what available in wM.io?

Hi Mike,

Yes, that’s the plan to have all on-premise connectors make available on webMethods.io. We already have most of them and remaining will be available in October release.

Let me know if you/your customer are looking for specific connectors.



I believe Mike is asking the other way around as if the wm.io connectors will also be available/sync in On-Prem CloudStreams during oct 2019 release??

This sounds like a good news for the wM.io users though!

Also looking forward for the upcoming virtual conference on Oct’9th :slight_smile:


Hi RMG, Mike,

Bringing Built.io Node JS connectors to on-premise is on the roadmap, our focus right now if to bring in all the CloudStreams connectors on to the wM.io Integration iPaaS, where we have exposed many of CloudStreams connectors already and are working towards exposing remaining connectors in the upcoming releases.


OK thanks for the clarification on top of it :slight_smile:

Basically I just want to know what are the new connectors that will make available in Oct 2019 release for CloudStreams on IS on premise.

May be we should wait till Oct-10th Virtual conference to know more in details:)