Unused Services on wM Enterprise


We have a wM environments running for years now and the guys how built it left the company.There are simply way too many packages on the server and nobody knows, how many of them are being really used by the applications.

I need to know, if there is way to find out, if a particular flow or java service has been ever run on a integration server so that I can remove unused services/packages from the environment.

You help is much appriciated.


In Administrator, monitor the Service Usage page for a period of time.

Be careful about services that may be used infrequently, such as once a month or once a quarter or once a year.


Two things come to mind. First, you can right-click on any custom or built-in service and choose View References to see whether a particular service is referenced by another. Second, you could use the statistics log to see how many times a service has been invoked.


Thanks for your inputs