UNLOAD with a user exit 9 option

Hello all.
One of my coworker just told me about a specific ADAULD option with a user-exit9 .
I read the Documentation but I found nothing helpful: may be I am a bit dumb. :wink:
What is the User-Exit-9 for ?

Have you any example so I can understand a bit more this user-exit ?


Hello Pascal,

the user exit 9 can further limit the number of records being unloaded or can put a record in one of two different output datasets. For example you could write all records with uneven ISNs to output 1 and the others to output 2.

There is a user exit 9 example on the Adabas source dataset. The selection logic still needs to be filled in.

Link to the User exit 9 documentation:


Kind regards,
Marbod Mueller

Hello Marbold
Ok, I read the USEREX9 and I understand the purpose of this UE.

Thank you for link and such a quick answer.
Mit Freudlichen Grüssen 8)